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3 min readJan 18, 2022

Today We’re thrilled to announce the public preview of MetaverseMiner 2.0, which brings along many exciting improvements and new features. Let’s take a peek at what’s in store!

The version 2.0 will include three iterations of updates, 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3, as follows.

Version 2.1

Civilization leap and new visual experience

  1. New upgrades to the game UI design
    a. The game interface of Metaverse Miner will be completely revamped, with increased colour effects for characters, optimised interface typography, improved interface switching fluency, and a new animation experience, thus enhancing the visual effect of engagement.
    b. The Miner NFT, launched by the 5 companies producing NFT, was redesigned to optimise the thickness of the lines of various robots, enhance the visual impact and increase the artistic look of NFT, etc.
  2. Major benefits campaign for the Interstellar Civilisation Leap
    In order to promote the Metaverse Miner’s civilization leap, the probability of output of some NFT classes in the blind box will be increased. The adjustments are as follows
    a. During the event, as a player benefit, the probability of winning the yellow and green NFT blind box will be increased, specifically adjusted to 49%, 49% and 2% for the white, green and yellow grades of NFT.
    b. During the event period, the output of blue, purple, orange and red NFT blind boxes will be suspended in order to balance the total Star Horsepower. Effective immediately, blind box NFTs will no longer support the output of the above 4 grades of NFTs. Players will only be able to obtain blue and blue+ level Miner NFT by fusion SCV.

*The update of version 2.1 is expected to take place in late January, please stay tuned to announcement. The planet auction originally scheduled for late January will be restarted after version 2.2 and before version 2.3.

Version 2.2

Balancing of game features

  1. Optimise the revenue extraction scheme and adjust it to a dynamic cap scheme. This will further increase the freedom of $META holders, as players will be able to allocate their $META according to the Meta ecology, for example by participating in MetaKrypton games or shopping in the NFT market, etc.
  2. Upgrade the NFT mining system to include a feature of mining slots, where the number of slots will be allocated proportionally to the number of slots of each NFT grade.

*Version 2.2 is expected to be updated in February, the specific time is subject to the announcement.

Version 2.3

New gameplay upgrades

  1. New “Star Ravager” NFT character will be added, which will be the link between the various planets in the game.
  2. A new “Star Wars” game has been added, in which Star Owner from different planets will act as initiators of battles and compete directly with other star owners.

* Version 2.3 is expected to be updated in March, please refer to the announcement for details.

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