Planet NFT Auction Schedule Notice

Dear adventurers,

Due to the recent version update of Metaverse Miner, which includes optimisation of the auction function and requirement to marketing & brand promotion, the second auction of Planet NFT will be postponed, please stay tuned to the announcement notice for the specific time schedule.

New Version Preview:
1. Launch of high grade blind box, which will provide lower energy consumption and higher power airship NFT products.
2. Launch the function of high grade airship NFT synthesis system, players can consume META to synthesize higher grade airship NFT.
3. Launch of NFT blind box gift system, players can send NFT blind boxes through the system to others.
4. Launch of NFTs marketplace.

Marketing Brand Upgrade Preview:
1. Launch of new official website UI interface
2. Launch of new brand image
3. Launch of a new marketing brand strategic plan for Metaverse Miner

Metaverse Miner Team
November 8, 2021



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