Metaverse Miner Weekly Report Recap(29th NOV — 5th DEC)


  1. Adjusted the revenue extraction strategy to a minimum of 50 META and a maximum of 500 META per day.
  2. Collected and analyzed users’ requests for the game, and incorporated some of them into the development plan.
  3. New game design in planning.

Events 📝

  1. On 30th Nov, 43,255 META were burned, giving a current total of 382,180 META burning.
  2. On 3th Dec, Metaverse Miner Alliance started the Interstellar Shield Program to protect the energy extraction, the META extraction amount is dynamically adapted to 50–500 META based on META price fluctuations.
  3. The META holders addresses has exceeded 7,000 and now stands at 7,248


  1. Metaverse Miner ranks 3rd place on Top #Games on #BinanceSmartChain by 24H Volume

Upcoming Plan🔥🔥

  1. Partial feature upgrades and adjustments
  2. Preparation of new games
  3. Additional collaboration activities with external parties

About Metaverse Games

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The NFT+Metaverse+DEFI game on BEP20 blockchain. Official website:

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Metaverse Miner

Metaverse Miner

The NFT+Metaverse+DEFI game on BEP20 blockchain. Official website:

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