Metaverse Miner Weekly Report Recap(22nd NOV — 28th NOV)


  1. Optimize the slow synchronization of data for staking NFT
  2. Add the function of pledging $META to get planet points
  3. Drafts the new game artwork and related planning

Events 📝

  1. $META Metaverse Miner presented the new #Kickstarter session with MEXC Global, voted with $MX to get $META listed and shared 2,305 $META. The Kickstarter event concluded very successfully. One of the highest participation rates 411542.05% have seen in quite a while on MEXC!


  1. Top 10 Low-Cap Gaming Projects on @BinanceChain by Active Users

Upcoming Plan🔥🔥

  1. Optimize the recommended function of opening blind boxes and mining planets
  2. Optimize some display problems and functions
  3. Prepare new games
  4. List on more CEX platform
  5. More marketing cooperation promotion

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The NFT+Metaverse+DEFI game on BEP20 blockchain. Official website:

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Metaverse Miner

Metaverse Miner

The NFT+Metaverse+DEFI game on BEP20 blockchain. Official website:

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