Metaverse Miner Weekly Report (8TH NOV — 14TH NOV)


  1. The new version of the game is in public test among some users.
  2. The new version of using META to buy energy value function is being tested.
  3. New version of the new gem props, 1 gem = 4 META, the use of gems can help NFT synthesis upgrade.
  4. In response to the recent energy value purchase failed to timely arrival and NFT suspended work problem to be fixed.
  5. The probability of the new version of the blind box was officially announced, 7 probability of drawing NFT in blind boxes, partly with adjustments.
  6. On November 11, we released a brand upgrading announcement for Metaverse Miner, which will create a new open game platform — Metaverse Game, and will carry out a comprehensive upgrade of the official website, brand image and vision in the near future.

Events 📝

  1. The META airdrop event for the new version launch have been celebrated on Official Twitter for our community members, users can earn entries by completing the tasks of Gleam Competition, the top 500 will be rewarded with 1–30 META.


  1. The 3th Place with $97.4M👏Volume(30D), $META is walking steadily and firmly!

Upcoming Plan🔥🔥

  1. The brand upgrade is expected to complete on November 17, the new official website online.
  2. Preparing for the second round of Planet NFT auction.
  3. New version testing and tutorial release.

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