Metaverse Games Roadmap 2022

Metaverse Games is an innovative and open metaverse gaming platform built on the token $META, aiming to be the Steam and Roblox of the metaverse.

GameFi Play to Earn

Metaverse Games promotes game incubation and distribution, builds META entertainment metaverse with a variety of games, and creates a new blockchain game financial system, making games not only interesting and fun, but also profitable!

VR+AR Reality & Virtual

Metaverse Games will gradually achieve one-to-one correspondence between the physical object and the NFT, breaking the boundary between virtual and reality, combining the latest technologies and popular games such as cards, MOBA, racing and RPG, and the next generation of games based on VR+AR.

Roadmap 2022

In 2022, the Metaverse Games will be a new departure and an accelerating period for the development of our gaming platform, as well as the completion of the process of the decentralised, the evolution of the Meta-economic and ecological development in Metaverse Games.

1. Decentralised Metaverse Games

-NFT marketplace — merging existing NFT trading and auction, item trading and in-game account system, making NFT trading completely free.

-NFT Blind Box system — merging the existing game NFT Blind Box system, which will improve the game NFT INO platform distribution, all NFTs will be obtained in the NFT Blind Box.

-Metaverse Pool&Farms — develop and refine the Metaverse Games Defi 2.0 to facilitate the growth of the META economy.

-Metaverse Games deck tools development — the Deck Tools include game revenue calculator, game data display, official game announcement system, game updates information deck, airdrop reward system reveal and other auxiliary functions development and improvement.

2. Metaverse META Tokenomics Plan

-META based game public chain development — The current platform is growing rapidly, to keep the pace, we plan to develop the first Metaverse game public chain based on Meta in 2022.

-The META tokenomics distribution system — based on the development of the platform and game distribution, the META tokenomics distribution system will be reconstructed for 2.0 upgrade and utilization, including and not limited to the relationship between the games released on Metaverse Games and the META tokenomics, the META marketing promotion events rewards and airdrop rewards for users, etc.

-META trading system — fully complete the META application in NFT trading scenarios, including blind box sales, NFT trading, auctions, pricing, etc.; it will enable the META swap on Metaverse Games platform which released and incubated games.

-META economy deflation mechanism — to accomplish the META economy deflation, including the mechanism of production and platform application consumption, etc.

3. GameBase of Metaverse Games Ecosystem

-META-based independent games incubation and distribution by Metaverse Games — which will complete in 2022 an upgrade that includes but not limited to “Metaverse Miner 2.0” built on NFT+GameFi, and “Metakrypton” built on NFT+GameFi 2.0, in addition to “Metakrypton” built on Web 3.0+GameFi+NFT (codename: Seclifes), a SocialFi+NFT+Meta ID (codename: MetaShow) and a well-produced mega game.

-Metaverse Games eco-infrastructure partnerships — to improve strategic partnerships with major global decentralized wallets, well-known crypto index platforms, decentralized financial platforms and decentralized exchange.

-Metaverse Games Infrastructure — to establish Metaverse Games multi-chain interoperability ecology, cross-chain of Metaverse Games’ games. Includes existing chains such as Solana, AMAX, Polygon, etc.

-GameBase of Metaverse Games — provides funding, operational and marketing support to teams with innovative concepts and gameplay development.

-Metaverse Games Guild program — provides a complete operational plan and marketing assistance to the guilds involved in each game, supporting the game guilds based on META economy.

-Join BSC MVB program and list on leading CEX — facilitate games on Metaverse Games to enter BSC MVB program and list on leading CEX and DEX.



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