META(Metaverse Miner) Launch Roadmap-Updated on September 9

Dear community members,

We’re excited to share with you our updated roadmap leading up to the launch of the META(MetaverseMiner) token on BSC network. Ahead of launch, our strategic priorities are clear. Now is the time to share our internal roadmap which outlines the important steps before launch.

Updated on Septemer 9th


We are entering into the token launch phases before a full launch. We followed the voices of the community and decided to extend the IDO.

Below are the next big milestones on the road to take-off:

1️⃣IDO Whitelist Application

September 3rd — September 8th

Global / China communities whitelist events

September 9th

Whitelist address announcement

2️⃣Official Website Upgrade

September 8th

Brand New Official Website Onlined

3️⃣$META IDO at DoDo

September 10th, 12:00 UTC

IDO Starts

September 15th, 12:00 UTC (Extend the duration)

IDO Ends

4️⃣Planet NFT Auction

September 14, 12:00 UTC

Auction Starts

September 15, 12:00 UTC

Auction Ends

5️⃣META/USDT Listing

September 15th, 12:00 UTC

Trading Starts: PancakeSwap & DODO

*Trading will be enabled once IDO is closed.

6️⃣Game Online

Sep 18th, open Register

Sep 18th, release Audit Report

Sep 22nd, game officially launch

Sep 23rd, first round referral rewards “Star Treasure” launch

As we progress, we want to keep the conversation going, so please join our Telegram or follow us on Twitter to stay tuned and contribute any comments or questions.

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