How to Get NFT Blind Box on New Version Metaverse Miner Game


This guide will help you learn the basics surrounding gameplay about the NFT blind box through the Metaverse Miner application.

If you still need to setup an account and acquire Metaverse Miner game, start with this on-boarding guide.

🚀🚀Game Portal:

👉🏻How to start a SCV NFT Blind Box?

The Metaverse Miner Game is on BSC. So you will need to use a wallet that supports BSC network. Starting with Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask, Math Wallet, TokenPocket or Trust Wallet. Please note that your wallet requires BNB to pay for transaction gas fees. And you also need USDT & META in your BSC wallet to participate in the blind box lottery.

Connect your BSC wallet, enter site, complete registration & approve.

  1. Tap “Buy SCV”

2. Enter the purchase amount, tap “Buy” to open the blind box (click “MAX” to buy in bulk, up to 10 NFTs at a time).

The purchased and opened SCVs will be automatically stored in the fusion warehouse, which can be viewed by entering the “SCV NFT” page.

3. If you have enough SCV NFT(old NFT is white grade) to synthesize higher grade NFT, you can directly tap “Go to fusion”.
Tap to filter the corresponding NFT, and then tap “Auto Select” to set required number of lower-tier NFTs for synthesis in order.
Each fusion requires one gem, you can click “➕” to buy gems, once it is ready, tap “start fusion”. (Each fusion has the probability of failure, and the NFTs will not be consumed if it failed, but gems will be deducted).

4. Then you successfully synthesized a higher grade of green SCV NFT using white SCV NFT. After fusion, it will be automatically stored in the fusion warehouse and can be withdrawn for staking, mining, or storing enough of the same grade NFT to synthesize a higher grade.

👉🏻How to send a SCV NFT Blind Box to friends as a gift?

  1. Enter the page, tap “Buy SCV”, Tap on “Gift Chest” icon.

2. Input the receivor’s address, and enter the amount, tap “submit”



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