🚨 Attention Metaverse Miner Community🚨

With the upcoming launch of new brand “Metaverse Games” system, we are excited to announce our airdrop $META contest!! To sweeten the pot we are giving away 500 Winners for your ENTRIES on Gleam Competition with a little bonus for the community favorite. Users who rank top 500 in Gleam…

Dear adventurers,

Due to the recent version update of Metaverse Miner, which includes optimisation of the auction function and requirement to marketing & brand promotion, the second auction of Planet NFT will be postponed, please stay tuned to the announcement notice for the specific time schedule.

New Version Preview:
1. Launch…

Metaverse Miner

The NFT+Metaverse+DEFI game on BEP20 blockchain. Official website: meta.auto

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